How to Start WBCS Preparation ( Exam Structure and Strategy - unlocked )

How to Preparare for WBCS 2018 :  STRATEGY UNLOCKED
WBCS Examination will be held in two successive stages (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective Type)
(ii) Main Examination (Conventional Type-Written) and Personality Test.
A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed to take the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination (Written) will be called to appear at the Personality Test (interview).
West Bengal Civil Services (WBCS) Preliminary is a multiple choice question paper, it needs a different preparation and a proper strategy. The paper of WBCS (Preliminary) Examination will be of two and half hours duration. The Syllabus thus has three broad divisions: (1) English (2) General Studies and Current Affairs and (3) Mental Ability.
wbcs preliminary syllabus
WBCS Preliminary Subject & Full Marks
The weightage of marks of WBCS (Preliminary) Examination is high on General Studies and Current Affairs – a total of 150 marks. However English Composition and Mental Ability – each one has a wide coverage. Appropriate planning, studies and practice is therefore essential for these three sections. Moreover , English is also part of WBCS (Main) syllabus. The foundation has to be built right at the WBCS (Preliminary) stage.

On an average a candidate gets around 45 seconds for each question. The main hold up is the time one gets to answer questions.
A lot of time is spent in signing attendance sheets etc, therefore there is a crucial  need for effective Time Management not only for the exam but for the preparation as well.
Speed and accuracy are important, so solving model question papers on a regular basis with a time binding is a must DO.

For WBCS ( preliminiary):
The first thing a candidate needs to keep in mind is that the examination is designed to evaluate certain qualities like a sharp memory and basic retention power.
Therefore, aspirants should study the entire syllabus by covering each and every aspect. This makes a candidate self confident and acquire knowledge to answer the questions correctly.

Considering the general nature of the examination the strategy must be to focus on greater rather than deeper coverage.
You are expected to know history, science, polity, geography, economy and other such disciplines, all at the same time. However, only basics of each of the disciplines is needed. Hence one must concentrate on basics and acquire as much facts about basics as possible.
*Avoid the element of over-kill in preparations, that will jumble up the knowledge you gathered*
A very common mistake, many aspirants make is while preparing for General Studies; they read the
Topics covered once or more without underlining the important facts or memorizing a huge number of questions printed on WBCS guide books available in market. It results not only in longer time of preparation, but also many of them skip the important points. Also, even if you underline the highlighted points, most of you have the tendency to read the text all over again while going for the subsequent readings.
We would advise that texts must be read once and all important points (likely to be forgotten) recorded/written down separately so that you need not study full scape  texts again. This would save on your time and should result in greater efficiency.
Answering Strategy
In all the answer papers under examination due credit will be given for proper economy of words combined with clarity, precision and effectiveness of expression and originality of approach.

A deduction of 10% of full marks may be made from the total marks secured by a candidate in a particular paper if he / she discloses his / her identity by writing his / her name, roll number or by putting any identifying marks in the answer script of that paper.
*There shall be negative marking for each wrong answer to multiple-choice questions (MCQ) type.*

If you don’t know the precise answer. Do not get stuck at any question and spend more than dedicated time on it. Move on from question to question and attempt the difficult ones at the end if you are 100% sure of it. While solving the paper you may take two rounds.
#In the first round, attempt only the answers which you are sure of.
#In the next round, try to eliminate as many options as you can and spot the one which is left out after elimination. However try avoiding guesswork keeping in mind the scheme of negative marking.

Dos and Don’ts
Final preparation must start by testing self with the revision-type Model Test Papers.
Emphasise on your weak-spots.
Keep testing yourself at a regular interval.
Make a mental note of areas you have covered and what remains to be covered.
Be analytical in response.
A separate time slot should be given to doing not only regular but multiple revisions like daily, weekly, monthly etc.
❌Many candidates make a mistake of overloading themselves with lots of information and end up remembering nothing.
You should be able to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information.
You should also learn to focus only on the information needed and filter out the rest.
❌Do not panic if you feel under-prepared or difficulty remembering your lessons.
Stay focused, confident and calm to achieve your target.
Just a Reminder
While Prelims is only a screening test, it is on the basis of your performance in the Mains the final outcome of your efforts depends. Strategically, therefore, the preparation for the examination should start about one year in advance and you should think about appearing in the Prelims only when you have had a strong grip over the Mains’ subject matter.
A calm mental state is most important so keep calm before the storm and confidently rock the test.

Frozen Eyes

#Read Here : Complete Book List for WBCS 2018 Preli and Main with detailed Discussion.

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