Framing of Indian Constitution - Chapter 1 - Important for WBCS, WBPSC, SSC, IBPS (Constitution)

Indian Constitution

Chapter 1 : Framing of The Constitution of India
First time the demand for own constitution raised by Swarj Party. In 1935 the Indian National Congress made a demand the people should have right to frame their own constitution. After War 1946, Cabinet Mission Plan came to india. It suggested to setting up of a Constitution Assembly to draw the future Constitution of The Country. The Constituent Assembly of India thus empowered to frame the Constitution.
The Election for the Constituent Assembly was held in july, 1946. The members of the Constituent Assembly were elected by the provincial Assemblies.

Constituent Assemblies Area
Elected memder from Provincial Assemblies
Nominated member from Princely States
Nominated from Cheif Commissioner’s Area
Baluchistan Member
Total Member
Total Member after “Muslim League Left”

The Assemby held its first meeting on 9th Dec, 1946. Mr.Sachchidanand Sinha,the oldest member of the assembly, was appointed as a temporary chairman and on 11th Dec, Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the Permanent Chairman of the constituent Assembly. This assembly work through various committees(22 in number), but most important of all is drafting Committee. Below is a complete list given for important Committees of the constituent assembly.
Name of the Committees
Drafting committee
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Set Up : 29th Aug, 1947.
(Members : B.R.Ambedkar, N. Gopalswami Ayengar, B. L. Mitra, K.M. Munsi, D.P. Khaitan, Alladikrishnaswamy Ayyar, Syed Mohammad Saadullah(only muslim member)

*After B.L.Mitra was substituted by N. Madhav Rao.
*After Death of D.P. Khaitan, T.T. Krishnamachari join.
Steering Committee
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Ad hoc committee on National Flag
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Union Powers Committee
Jawaharlal Nehru
States Committee
Jawaharlal Nehru
Union Constitution Committee
Jawaharlal Nehru
Committee on function of the constituent assembly
G.V. Mavalankar
Minorities Sub Committee
H.C. Mukherjee
Advisory committee on fundamental rights
Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel

** Sir B.N. Rau was appointed as the Constitutional Advisor to the assembly.
**Total Time taken to complete the task of forming Indian constitution is 2 years, 11 months and 18 days. And it cost 64 lakh Indian rupees.
**In the first meeting of constituent assembly a total of 207 member was present. Total Number of meeting – 11.
**Total Number of Article 395, Schedule -8 and Part – 12 (At the time of adoption of constitution)
22th January, 1947

29th Aug, 1947
Drafting committee set up
Feb, 1948
Drafting committee finalise the draft constitution of India
26th Nov, 1949
Constitution Adopted
26th Jan, 1950
Constitution Came into Force

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