Pre-Historic Period - Chapter 1 - Important for WBCS, WBPSC, SSC, IBPS, Rail ( History )


Chapter 1 : Pre-Historic Period
Pre-historic period can roughly be dated back from 20000 B.C.E to 2500 B.C.E . It is the period when human civilizations was beginning to take shape.
*Stone Age : The period when human beings used stone or stone made utensils. The Stone age is divided into three broad section, these are -
Date Range
Tools used
Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age
Upto – 8000 B.C.E
*Food Gatherers and depended on nature.
*Human Come to make use of Fire(Later in this age).
*Tools were very Rough
*Cylinder – hummer, Hand axes, blunted – back arrowheads etc.
Mesolithic Age or Late Stone Age
8000 B.C.E to 4000 B.C.E
*Microliths Culture.
*Domestication of Animals.
*Plant Cultivation.
*Because of Farming, Small settlements began to take shape.
*Mesolithic Sites In India : Chotto Nagpur area of central india and the areas south of the Krishna River. Bhimbetka Caves and its cave paintings is famous Mesolithic site in Bhopal.
*Pointed and Sharp Tools.
Neolithic Age or New Stone Age
4000 B.C.E to 2500 B.C.E
*Food Producing(milet/ragi) Economy.
*Domestication of Cattle, horse,other animals. (Used for meat and milk product).
*Usage of only one metal Gold.
*Small culture began to shape.
*Polished Axes, chisel, Potters Wheel.
Chalcolithic Phase - (2500 B.C.E to 1500 B.C.E): At the end of Neolithic or new stone age, Chalcolithic or the Stone – Copper age appeared. Metals like Bronze and Copper began to be used,cultivation of kharif and rabi crops, black and red pottery. Village economy exists and religious belief began to take shape.
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