WBCS English Mock Test - Set 1

1. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined below:
The people took a bold decision to remove corruption.
(A) Brave
(B) Valiant
(C) Timid
(D) Dauntless

2. The firemen were able to _________ the fire in Church Street. (Insert correct phrasal verb in the blank space)
(A) put out
(B) put off
(C) blew out
(D) ran down

3. Insert correct word in the blank space:
Rani ________ helps her mother in the kitchen every day.
(A) surely
(B) seldom
(C) often
(D) never

4. Insert proper preposition in the sentence.
The Morgan House is located _________ the river.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) beside
(D) by

5. Use suitable auxiliary verb to fill in the blank space:
_________ you drive a minivan?
(A) Must
(B) Can
(C) May
(D) Will
6. The meaning of “once in a blue moon” is,
(A) Frequently
(B) In the light of a blue moon
(C) Never
(D) Very seldom indeed

7. Fill in the space with an infinitive:
The workers will be irritated ____ such low wages
(A) to begin
(B) to get
(C) to win
(D) to lose

8. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
You need a very ______ knife to slice a ripe strawberry.
(A) Blunt
(B) New
(C) Sharp
(D) Keen

9. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
It is astonishing that how ______ information can be found on the internet.
(A) Less
(B) Many
(C) Some
(D) Much

10. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
The travellers had a terrible journey through the ______road
(A) Tortuous
(B) Cumbersome
(C) Convoluted
(D) Torturous

11. The meaning of the phrase underlined in the sentence is:
We should not allow our skills lie dormant in ourselves.
(A) Consumed
(B) Unpolished
(C) Unused
(D) Exploited

12. Select the correct meaning of the idiom: “to eat the humble pie.”
(A) adopt an aggressive attitude
(B) apologize humbly
(C) leave the matter unresolved
(D) resolve the matter

13. ‘Silence’ may be expressed by the following interjection:
(A) yikes!
(B) ahem!
(C) hush!
(D) alas!

14. One who can use either hand with ease, is called
(A) Apostate
(B) Atheist
(C) Ambidextrous
(D) Arbitrator

15. A state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens is called,
(A) Aristocracy
(B) Bureaucracy
(C) Democracy
(D) Kakistocracy

16. One word substitution for “The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing”
(A) Eloquence
(B) Diction
(C) Rhetoric
(D) Verbosity

17. One word substitution for “A group of followers hired to applaud at a performance”
(A) Clique
(B) Claque
(C) Cortege
(D) Caucus
18. Fill in the blank with the correct words given below:
They decided to meet ___ the afternoon, not ____ night.
 (A) in, at
(B) at, in
(C) in, by
(D) in, on

19. Fill in the blank space below with relative pronoun:
I talked to the girl _____book had been misplaced at the library.
 (A) Whom
(B) Which
(C) Who
(D) Whose

20. What is the meaning of “ prima facie” in English?
(A) Earlier in time
(B) Unwelcome person
(C) Apparent
(D) Negotiable

21. Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below:
By accepting the extra job he is biting off more than he can chew.
(A) try to make an extra effort
(B) try to impress
(C) try to work more than actual ability
(D) try to make work easier

22. “Flesh” may be used with,
(A) Flowers
(B) Vegetables
(C) Fruits
(D) Blood

23. Choose the correct meaning of the word from alternatives given below:
Shiraz had cynicism that his grades were really that high.
(A) Belief
(B) Contentment
(C) Incredulity
(D) Optimism

24. Fill in the blank space with a correct participle:
The ________ single mother has a very busy life.
(A) Excited
(B) Working
(C) Exciting
(D)  Worked

25. Choose the word appropriate in meaning to the word underlined below:
Humongous sinkholes and landslides have developed along that hill range.
(A) Extensive
(B) Petite
(C) Minor
(D) Insignificant

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